Saelvage is a small batch clothing manufacturer based in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. The business was founded in 2013 when we started making small baby items out of up-cycled materials – old t-shirts. We have evolved over the years and after lots of research into textiles, patterns, and garment construction believe we’ve created a selection of high quality products that have lasting value.

Our Brand Name

The name “Saelvage” is a bit of a play on words. The word “salvage” means the rescue of property or material from potential loss or destruction, and that’s exactly how our business began. And “selvage” basically means the machined edge of fabric to prevent it from unravelling. So, we combined the two words to create our brand: Saelvage

Our Fabrics

Our selection of fabrics is constantly changing and compiled of many brands that are sourced mainly from Canadian suppliers. These brands have been tried and tested and are, in our opinion, some of the highest quality, affordable fabrics on the market. All of our products are made from pre washed/shrunk fabrics, and are all meant to be tossed in with your regular laundry – we know that nobody has time for hand-washing clothes! 

Our Philosophy

We are a small operation – we do all our manufacturing, marketing, photography and as much else in-house as we can to provide you with the best value possible. We believe in living the most out of every day, and treating the planet with kindness so it will be around for our kids to enjoy. This drives our passion to make clothing that lasts, out of both quality new materials and re-purposed materials. Nothing makes us happier than seeing Saelvage clothing in the wild, or hearing from parents that their kids are “still wearing their pants”!. We hope you enjoy the products as much as we enjoy providing them. ❤️