Basic Non-Medical Face Mask


The Basic Non-Medical Mask is made from two layers of 100% cotton, with a cotton spandex strap, and it is completely machine wash/dryable.  Each one features an opening for disposable filter – filter is not included.  This style of mask is One-Size-Fits-All, the dimensions as 6.5″ tall (nose to chin) x 7.5″ wide (ear to ear).   We are sewing these as quickly as possible, we will contact you as soon as your order is ready!

*The default option is for all masks to have a cotton spandex strap, which we think is the most comfortable option.  If you would prefer ear elastics (ie: for haircut) please specify this in the Notes at Checkout. The price is the same for either option


* If you wish to have certain colours/patterns used please specify in the notes of your order, although we cannot guarantee any fabrics at this time.  We can accept requests like: dark solids, bright patterns, floral, simple pattern…

To wear:

Slip the loop on over your head so it hangs like a necklace. Then, tighten the loose ends of the strap until the mask is against your chin. Tie the loose ends at the back of your head and adjust mask as needed.


  • Criss-cross the straps at the back of your head to get a snug fit against the chin
  • Once you know how the mask fits you, leave it tied for easy wearing next time
  • If you find the tie is too long just cut off the access, it will not fray
  • If you prefer, you can swap the tie out for a shoelace, strip of tshirt, etc
  • The “necklace” feature is great if you are going in/out of places and don’t want to set your mask down on a potentially dirty surface (*try to take it on/off by only touching the tie to avoid contaminating your hands).

View washing instructions and further information

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